Expert SEO and SEM Training Classes in Texas

SEO Classes for 2019

We are pulling out our calendars and scheduling SEO classes for 2019! Be sure and contact us for more details - 214-550-4310 or If you want to learn more about what our classes include - … [Read more]

Does Your Content Have a Purpose?

Content is often considered an online business owner's primary resource and a great asset. It drives traffic. It enables you to market your business. It helps make a sale. It provides authority, credibility, and liking, all buying … [Read more]

Why SEO is Important – and Definitely Isn’t Dead

More businesses are finally learning and adopting digital marketing techniques. And everyday people are now understanding digital marketing terms. The challenge becomes making sure they really understand why SEO is important, and how it fits into a … [Read more]

The Ever-Chaning Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Earlier this month, I was in Arkansas doing a custom training for the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Center, and as I prepared for the presentation - some old SEO presentations from years past showed up on my hard drive. There were several … [Read more]