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Google Bug Shows Incorrect Date on Sites | TWW

Google Bug Reported by Bill Hartzer Bill Hartzer recently reported that some Google searches have begun displaying an incorrect date before the description of sites. Users have been conditioned to see some dates before SERP entries. These dates … [Read more]

How Mobile First Affects Your Google Ranking

It's one of the biggest things that strikes fear into the heart of marketers - Google has made another change and you're unsure whether it will affect your website rankings. The latest update is a "mobile first" indexing strategy from Google. What … [Read more]

Buh Bye Keyword Planner | TWW

See You Later, Keyword Planner Many marketers and business owners have used the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool to get estimates on keyword traffic in the past. In recent years, Google has been slowly taking keyword data away from SEOs. They … [Read more]