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Buh Bye Keyword Planner | TWW

See You Later, Keyword Planner Many marketers and business owners have used the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool to get estimates on keyword traffic in the past. In recent years, Google has been slowly taking keyword data away from SEOs. They … [Read more]

Vertical Search Engines | TWW

Heard of Vertical Search Engines? You’ve likely used one… At Search Engine Academy Texas, we watch Google closely for changes and developments. There are a number of vertical search engines that are worth paying attention to. Their growing … [Read more]

Google’s Going Mobile First | TWW

Google Going to Mobile-First Indexing Mobile-first is the direction our world is headed. More people do searches on their mobile devices than on desktop computers. As a tech company, Google is trying to get their search engine in line with this … [Read more]